Andalusia has been one of the most coveted places conquistadors from all over the world. It is a place that combines tradition, progress, nature, and architecture. A paradise where the warmth of the people and the sun that shines all year long leave a long-lasting impression.


Andalusia is a land that has been inhabited by many different cultures, leaving behind an incredible wealth of architecture, gastronomy, and art.

There is no other place alike. Andalusia has several characteristics that have been forever preserved in the minds of its visitors.

Flamenco, the Iberian ham, the Cathedral of Seville or the Mosque of Córdoba.

The festivals, with its women in flamenco dress and its men on horseback.

Unas playas envidiables y unos bosques y parques naturales reconocidos a nivel mundial.

Its enviable beaches and forests along with world-renowned national parks.

Its small towns of white and the most Mediterranean traditions.

The smiles, its fun and care-free atmosphere, and the desire to enjoy each moment.

This is Andalusia.

But words don’t do it justice. You have to see it, you have to experience it.